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My Fantasy Novels

My Fantasy series is called Servants of the Wheel, each book follows on from the other, but deals with a different problem. It is a character-led series and some of the novels have won awards and great reviews from Literary Titan and BookViral. All are available in Kindle and in Paperback formats.


Fantasy Novels

Book 1- Blender's Story

The Servants of the Wheel Series

Book 1- Blender's Story

BookViral gave this novel great reviews.

ISBN:B08DSTHLQS (Paperback).

ISBN: B0BK9G43X9  (Kindle).

Available on Amazon.

Blurb: Without the servants, Gardia and the whole of the Outer World would succumb to the powers of evil. Veiri Dur, Leader of Chaos, means to get a foothold in Gardia and unleash his foulest creatures upon the world. It is only via the unique powers wielded by the Servants' Supreme Guardian, Axl and her deputy Pinni, is the monster and his hordes held back beyond the Veil.

A most valued Servant goes missing and axl trusts an unlikely Servant to find her and bring her back and her choice is a surprise to many. Blender and his two chosen companions, Servants Arch and Patience, will face many ordeal in their quest to retrieve the missing Brava. Their path will take them to the darkest and most dangerous places in the world and a traitor holds no wish for their safe return.

But the quest is a decoy. Who is their real target?

Great Review by Book Viral

BookViral review on Blender's Story
Book 2- Black Mass, Literary Titan Silver Book Award

Bk 2- Black Mass

Winner of the prestigious Literary Titan Silver Book Award 2023,

ISBN: B09T349JQH (Paperback)

ISBN: B09SZP17G7 (Kindle).

Available on Amazon


Axl, the Servants' Supreme leader, sent Veiri Dur and his evil minions beyond the Veil, including her traitorous deputy.

With hopes of a more peaceful year ahead, the Servants begin to recover from their ordeals to retrieve their leader. But their relief is short-lived.

A new evil, insidious and unfamiliar, infiltrates Gardia, even within the castle where Axl and her Servants reside.

Hidden from view, the evil takes a foothold upon the land before the Supreme Leader discovers its presence.. By then, it's too late. Whole communities have succumbed to its grip.

Can the Servants do anything or is it beyond their scope? One of the Servants is in terrible danger and none can help.

Literary Titan Silver award winner

ISBN: B0CGKYKLQ4 (Paperback)


Available on Amazon

Blurb: The Black Mass was gone and for a while, peace reigned in Gardia. A good time for Axl to send out her Servants to gauge any underlying problems in the land.

The Servants discovered many charms and curses inflicted on willages and individuals, some more lethal than others. The legendary Deschawnee Forest was known to be lethal to all those who entered it. Not even the Servants with their magical abilities entered its dark realm, for all who entered, never returned. But was there a way to break this centuries  old curse- and at what cost?


It was time to deal with all of them, before suffering the return of the traitorous Pinni and all the evil he would wreak on Gardia when his self-inflicted Exile ended.

But peace did not last long as time was running out, and an ominous encounter with a lost soul could either lead them to disaster or salvation.

Book 3- The Cursed

New Release- Book 4- Dark Realms

jpg dark realms.jpg

The Earth Fleet Series

Book One in the Earth Fleet Series:

Earth was sent into a new Ice Age when aliens attacked and destroyed the surface. The only survivors were those who had access to underground facilities. A group of miners and their families and friends chose to adapt their mine to live below ground.

Forty five years passed before the temperature rose slightly to enable groups to scavenge above ground. It was while scavenging that one group encountered their worst nightmare... They were back!

Book Two in the Earth Fleet - The Voyage

An opportunity arises for the survivors to find and attack the aliens that came to destroy Earth. They encounter a ship that changes their life of exile underground and use it to travel in space to destroy the aliens' own planet.

Once in space, the group of survivors find that humans have never been alone in the universe. Some are as friendly as others are hostile. Some ally themselves with our survivors, sharing a common goal..

Lucy cover_edited.jpg

Book Four of the Earth Fleet series- Da-Ee

After the battle to destroy the Vibhans, new, alien, crew members join the Starfinder. They come from Su-K-En, one of the allied planets. Among them is the quirky female, Da-Ee, a Su-ul, who can walk up vertical surfaces, like the rest of her clan.  She has a twin brother, De-Kon, who is a healer, and he joins the Medi bay crew on board the Starfinder.

The story is of her adventures on board the Earth Fleet and her capture by Hetonomi miners and of her courage to defeat the hardship of those enslaved there.

Book Three of The Earth Fleet series- Retribution

The Starfinder and its allies search the galaxy for those who decimated the Earth, determined to bring about their annihilation,after finding similar attacks on other planets.

As the Earth Fleet builds its allies, it also adds to its own fleet size with technology advanced by its cyborg crew. Soon, the Earth Fleet will outnumber the allied fleets, ready for the encounter to come.

Will it be enough? Or will divine intervention surprise the Allied Fleets?

Fifth Book in The Earth Fleet Series- The Gathering:

Prequel to the Earth Fleet series, it tells the story behind the survivors of Book One. Who they are and how they came together before suffering the new Ice Age inflicted upon Earth. What was life like before the attack? And what happened in the first few months as the Earth began its deep freeze?

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